New illustration “portal 2 space sphere” in the shop :B

New illustration in my shop :]

New illustration up in the shop ‘cause Ghost World is one of my fav movies ever!

(Also: free shipping on everything -for 10 days only- by clicking this link :D)

London - Wanderlust

New prints/cards/iphone shins available in the shop! Plus, you get free shipping until the 16th :3

Also available with Paris and NewYork.

I’ve been very productive lately. New cards in the shoppe! c:

Making vectors of my drawings is my new hobby.

New blog post :3 feat an illustation of my outfit because I’m so incredibly fashionable ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

Is it making a vector of one of my paintings considered being productive? If so.. I’m really being productive today! (~WIP)