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"This is not a book, this is a postcard" page from my copy of This is Not a Book.

I’m willing to send this postcard to a random person, so if any of you wants it, just reblog and/or like this post, and next week I’ll randomly pick a name, draw or write something on the back and then send it :)
(this is also open on Flickr, so the “winner” might not be from Tumblr; However you can enter in both sites to have more chances, if you want).


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Secret Agent (by Wreck this Girl)

Disguise completed.

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For the anonymous who wanted to see the disguise of my This Is Not a Book.

Honestly, I’m not really sure whether I like it or not, anyway I used the package of a box of snacks (one of the few that I can eat) just because I liked its color, since green is my favorite, and also because it was the first thing I found.

It’s still a WIP though, I haven’t covered the brand yet and stuff like that.

Nevertheless, this disguise is bulletproof: today my sister saw it on my desk and first she asked me why I keep a stash of snacks in my room, but then when she realized it was actually a book, asked why I read books about snacks. Lol. I guess is a success.

page 110 (by Wreck this Girl)

Quote from the book “The Terrible Privacy Of Maxwell Sim” by J. Coe.

It actually sums up my week pretty well. On a happier side note, i covered the page with a collage made out of pages from an old book because i messed up the page, but i guess it came out quite nice.

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I lasted only 3minutes and almost 24 seconds, herp derp.

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This is a Sculpture.

Origamis have always fascinated me, but I’m not very good in making any of them, besides the boat, so I thought to dedicate my first sculpture exibithion to a milestone of my life as a future origami-maker: my first paper crane.

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Thoughts Garden.

My seeds look more like beans but beans are a sort of seed, right? Anyway my beans/seeds/ideas for now are: write, make art, hair, pen pals and, most important, new project. I really want to start a new project after summer, so this seed is better be growing >:I The basic idea seems kinda cool to me but organizing it all, finding someone interested and completing it, will take a while though. So, speaking of this project, i’d like to taste the waters before making it “official” so if any of you is interested in photography, snail mail and randomness, feel free to send me a message if you think this might be something you’d like to be part of and I will roughly explain what i’ve in mind, privately via messages (because I don’t want to publish anything else about it until I’ve something more concrete to talk about) :]

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This is an Interview.