New illustration in my shop :]

A regular afternoon~

I’ve been very productive lately. New cards in the shoppe! c:

Thirteen's Blog: GIVEAWAY!!


Hello all,

So in celebration of finally getting 105 followers (and of the upcoming summer break), I thought it would be neat to do a small giveaway in thanks. Therefore, all my followers who re-blog this will be added to a list of potential gift recipients. On Monday June 25th, I will gather all…

Hi everyone! I’ve recently printed out three of my illustrations and decided to put them for sale here:

To inaugurate the launch of the shop, I decided to give away one card of each design to one of you!

If this post reaches more than 100 notes, I’ll also pick two runnerups that will win one card of their choice, each.

specs: they measure approx 10x15cm (3,9x5,9 in), the back is blank and writable and they can be used both as cards or postcards.

In order to participate:

  • reblog this post up to 3 times;
  • likes count, but only if you also reblog the post;
  • I’ll contact the winner via askbox, so make sure yours is active;
  • do not remove this text.

The giveaway ends on April 16th and the winner will be chosen the next day through a random number generator.

Good luck ya’ll :)

(Source: wreckthisgirl)

cards (by Wreck this Girl)

That’s what I do when I’m bored; I make -not very quality- random handmade cards. I don’t really know what to do with them, so if any of you is interested in swapping one of those with another handmade card or something, let me know :>

(The cupcake one is already gone, though)

Edit: the only one available is the birds one.


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