Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt reveal day.

I recently took part in a scavenger hunt project organized by Fabrizia (a.k.a. WreckThisGirl). The idea of the scavenger hunt was that everyone who taking part would receive a partner and a list of 10 scavenger hunt items. Out of that list you select at least 5 to send to your partner. You can read all the details here

I’ve received my package few days ago and have thoroughly enjoyed opening it. My partner was… Fabrizia (the same person who made this project:) and here are pictures of things she sent me.

Thank you Fabrizia. I like every little part of my package.

Oh Anna, my pleasure! It makes me incredibly happy that you liked what I picked for you! And even tho I’ve already said it, your photographs make my parcel look better than it actually was <3 Much love for you.

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I was very excited to receive a love parcel from wreckthisgirl (also found here) especially after participating in her scavenger hunt a few months back. This parcel was very unique. She took the idea of my project “treasure trading” and turned it into something very special. Her “treasures” were memories and the objects she included were accompanied by a nice letter explaining the memories associated. I felt honored that she shared this with me and I can’t wait to come up with a response :)

She also made a beautiful book with haikus that I will share in a separate post!

Thank you, again & again & again.

Thanks you for your always very nice words :3 It was a pleasure to put together this package for you and since I was unsure about it till the very last second before I dropped it at the PO, it makes me very happy you’ve enjoyed it ♥

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Together with the letter and the little owl was this vintage collage kit, which she also sells in her Etsy shop. Lovely, isn’t it? Thank you so much Fab, I loved it :D 

I’m so happy it reached you! :) Even if it took a while, I’ll consider it a sign that the postal service is getting their shit together u_u

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