page #27 (by Wreck this Girl)

Before the ripping >:|

Did you miss my gifs? I surely did. I’m finally getting into my WTJ again! Yaaay c:

place sticky things here WIP (by Wreck this Girl)

The ‘making of’ .gif here c:

ask a friend to do something destructive (by Wreck this Girl)

That’s the page I received from Leah for the WTJ Swap. More than destructive, I’d say that this is quite amazing! I’m not gonna lie, it’s one of my fav pages so far, I really love it.

Progress .gif of the “place sticky things here” page! My little sister got all those stickers from my grandma, but she didn’t really liked them; so I proposed her to stick them on my WTJ and that’s what we’ve done so far. Still need to add more, it’s work in progress ;D

The page is getting so kitch that I almost quite like it!

make a paper airplane (by Wreck this Girl)

Yesterday I received this lovely airplane from thelovelyfox for our WTJ page swap. By far, it’s definitely the most original paper airplane I’ve ever seen (since it’s not even a paper airplane!). I’m so glad I can make such a nice addition to my journal! Thank you Tegan, I really love this page :3

pour your coffee here (by Wreck this Girl)

New comparison blog post here!

bring this book in the shower with you (by Wreck this Girl)

Painful, but fun page to do! Blogged here.

lose this page (by Wreck this Girl)

Yesterday I received the ‘Lose This Page’ I swapped with Elise for the Swap Season 2012.

It looks lovely, doesn’t it? Like an idiot, I forgot to take a picture of the page I sent her, but whatever. At least she said she liked it and that’s what matters.

Also, Stephi received my page a while ago, though I’m still waiting for hers since she had to delay the shipping because of school. As soon as I get it, I’ll post a picture of it as well!

Next on the list for the swap: thelovelyfox and s-c-a-r-e-c-r-o-w-781 (<- which, by the way, if you’re reding this, please send me a message because your askbox isn’t active and I don’t know how to contact you!)

cover (by Wreck this Girl)

The other day I found an old studded belt which I had to throw away because the buckle was broken, so I had this brilliant idea to recycle the studs. It all happened at 3PM and after three hours (I mean, do you know how it hurts to take off the studs from a belt?!) and 196 studs later: here you have my brand new cover of my second WTJ. Yes, I’m proud. I love it c: