A regular afternoon~

New blog post about failed sketches from memory :3

sktchbk prjct #1 (by Wreck this Girl)

One of the first pages I’ve done in my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project. The theme I’ve chosen is Grey Side Of Life but so far I haven’t really figured out yet how to develop it. It makes me think of something bittersweet, in between good and bad as grey is in between black and white; something melancholic maybe… Blah. Probably I’m over thinking.

macarons (by Wreck this Girl)

A week ago I tried macarons for the first time. I could only ate the raspberry ones because were the ones with less quantity of milk and stuff but.. they were delicious. If they weren’t so incredibly pricy (1.50€ each - I can buy a pizza with the same amount!) I’d eat them everyday.

deer (by Wreck this Girl)

#7 - Smoke (by Wreck this Girl)
My fav brand of cigarettes.
(based on this picture).

#7 - Bowie (by Wreck this Girl)
Ziggy Stardust, I like Bowie a lot.