I’m ready to ruin my Mess by Keri Smith :) Starting today, wish me luck!


Keri Smith. Artist. Author. Amazing. 

I’m jelly.

mess cover (by Wreck this Girl)

One of the pages says to mess up the cover; I had some spare paint and voilà, done.

detournement (by Wreck this Girl)

"Alter this image, or deface it to change the meaning of it completely"

They were all serious, now they’re partying hard. It’s the birthday of the guy in the orange hat. He’s having fun for sure.

Mess #2 (by Wreck this Girl)

Task: “This man looks like he needs to let loose a little. You might want to help him out. A new hat, some glasses, facial hair perhaps?”

He looks happy with his new look, doesn’t he?

Mess #1 (by Wreck this Girl)

This page’s task was to melt some crayon shavings. I didn’t have any crayons so I stole some from my youngest sister’s art set. Their quality was so bad that after five minutes of ironing the page it was almost burning, while the crayons were still solid. Blah. The red halo thing is some wax of a candle I added in the end just to have something that would actually melt.

Mess (by Wreck this Girl)

Yay! MESS arrived this morning after almost a month that I ordered it. It usually takes a week or so but postal service hates me lately, anyway I guess better late than never. Ahhh I’m already in love with it. Moreover, my Keri Smith’s books collection is almost complete! Next one on the list: How To Be An Explorer of the World.