"Little Letter Girls" ~ a series of illustrations inspired by my love for snail mail ☺

Available as postcards here.

Barber Shop | Isometric rendering [ Behance ]

Isometric illustration of the BrBa RV~ [ Behance ; Søciety6]

New blog post: four things happening this month. What are your plans for June? :3

New blog post up. That’s my workspace :3 what does yours look like?

Not sure where I’m going with all these pastel drawings, but that’s the latest one :3 {available here}

New illustration in da shopzzz!
Do you like skeleton keys? I do :B

WTHOYS (Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeves) illustration ~ part of a series.

Current #illustration project~

Lots of new products in my søciety6 shop!
links: (deer) ; (bunny) ; (fox).