Barber Shop | Isometric rendering [ Behance ]

Isometric illustration of the BrBa RV~ [ Behance ; Søciety6]

The progress so far~

Mostly uploading this so Emily can see it :3

Did you miss my gifs? I surely did. I’m finally getting into my WTJ again! Yaaay c:

Nothing much will be done today besides this hq gif, so enjoy it!

Progress .gif of the “place sticky things here” page! My little sister got all those stickers from my grandma, but she didn’t really liked them; so I proposed her to stick them on my WTJ and that’s what we’ve done so far. Still need to add more, it’s work in progress ;D

The page is getting so kitch that I almost quite like it!

'Make A Mess, Clean It Up' progression gif of the page c:

This is a progress gif of the last painting I’ve done; The subject is Daft Punk, can you tell?

Not 100% complete yet, still needs some minor fixes.