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That’s mine :)

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famous sleuths (by Wreck this Girl)

"Research: famous sleuths. Make a list of at least 10 fictional charachters that who solve crimes."

I drew tham instead, I wanted to make it more interesting but, they look weird.

document your day (by Wreck this Girl)

Pretty much self-explanatory schedule of the last friday, which was almost a perfect day.

secret intelligence training #2 (by Wreck this Girl)

"Go on a walk in your neighborhood. Look at the ground as you walk. Take notes on how many different colors, shapes, and objects you see. Document them with drawings here."

Yesterday it was a rainy day, there were a lot of beautiful leaves and puddles, and I found pretty much all regular stuff besides a sock, and it was weird.

secret intelligence training #1 (by Wreck this Girl)

"Think of an unteresting way to fill in this page. Use this as an opportunity to try something you’ve never tried before. A good sleuth is always willing to try something new"

It is supposed to be a collage. Kind of a fail - that’s why I never did one before. Oh by the way they are a band: The Awesome Cat in A Suit is the lead guitarist, Zombie Marilyn is the bass player and the Human Rhino is the singer. They’re great but you probably have never heard of them becuse they’re sooo underground.

disguise (by Wreck this Girl)

Keri Smith has a thing for disguises, doesn’t she? Well, I don’t mind, actually that’s pretty funny, I feel more comfortable to take pictures of myself when I look stupid for a reason.

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becoming a sleuth (by Wreck this Girl)

Thanks to Keri Smith, I’ve been able to realize one of my oldest dreams: be a detective. (Even though I think I will keep investigating without mustaches and the goatee because I look too silly.)

the story (by Wreck this Girl)

Besides the proportions and the prespective, I must say I quite like the bench I’ve drawn. Wooden banches are my favorite but here in my town are very hard to find, here are very common the iron ones and I hate then because when I sit down my back freezes, lol. Anyway, the leaves weren’t really required for this task but they were left from the bunch I’ve used in my WTJ, so since they were quite on the same theme, I’ve put them here too.

gather some tools (by Wreck this Girl)

My mysterious adventure with Finish This Book continues. I’ve gathered all the necessary to complete the upcoming tasks and I’m ready to go on!

begin (by Wreck this Girl)

My favorite pen :3