One more random sketch~

© Lizzy Stewart


Got my “random things” postal swap from Fab! (thankyou angel) and couldn’t wait to open it …i mean even the envelope looked cool! Firstly i’m loving having Italian stamps for my WTJ page, they will be going in straight away. and in order of the pics this is what else she sent me :Handmade Teacup card (I LOVE tea so this makes me very happy), Buttons, Ribbon, Little Blue Envelope, Tiny Peg (>_<) Cupcake and Bird Drawing, Shrinkie Heart Pendant, Glitzy number stickers, Cute little design business card, Pac Man, Skele and polka dot Stickers, Coloured Studs, Gems and Foreign stamps!
What a wicked little bag of treats! for better images click Here and Here

I have never done a swap like this before but it was great fun and would love to do it again with WreckThisGirl or anyone else that would like to swap something!
now please go check out WreckThisGirl  Page to see her amazing Blog! where you can also check out what i sent her!

I’m glad you liked what I sent you ^_^ but we absolutely need to do this again! I haven’t sent you enough stuff and I feel bad now ;c

daily notebook #2 (by Wreck this Girl)

26/01/2012 page in my daily notebook. It was a pretty awesome mail day as I received a copy of ‘How To Be An Explorer of The World” by Keri Smith that I was waiting since Christmas to arrive, the awesome replica of the Hogwarts letter that pensandenvelopes made, and a surprise letter from Khris.

I love so much these days when my mailbox is full ♥

secret intelligence training #2 (by Wreck this Girl)

"Go on a walk in your neighborhood. Look at the ground as you walk. Take notes on how many different colors, shapes, and objects you see. Document them with drawings here."

Yesterday it was a rainy day, there were a lot of beautiful leaves and puddles, and I found pretty much all regular stuff besides a sock, and it was weird.