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Guys I have a question!

To those of you who love reading, what do you think about eReaders?

I’ve been thinking about getting a Kindle or something like that, because as much as I love books (also as objects themselves - the cover art, flicking through them, their smell (!)) they’ve gotten a bit too expensive for me being a broke, jobless student. So my question to you is: is it worth it to buy one of those? Is the whole reading experience as enjoyable as an actual book?


Make a paper chain

This page is now in Italy, with the lovely Fab - you can see her pictures of it on her blog. It was meant to be a swap but unfortunately when she sent me hers, the envelope was savaged by a wild postman and the page was lost. So instead I count this as giving away my favourite page, and I’ll stick a photo of it in instead.

I’m indeed the very proud owned of this beautiful page <3 I’ll post a picture of in chained to my journal very soon ;)

Me and my boyfriend went on a book hunt the other day and I’ve found some awesome volumes from the 70s :D read more here.


Unfortunately that address to the Lost Forest Publishing Company in the Keri Smith book called Finish this Book is not valid. :/

My letter came back, unanswered, address unknown.

I am really disappointed.  I guess I’ll stick this in the book though.  What a waste of a good stamp and stationery too.  Not to mention the anxiety that needed tamed in order to do this!  

Why put a fake address?

Oh, what a shame! :c

books (by Wreck this Girl)


Keri Smith. Artist. Author. Amazing. 

I’m jelly.

Bookshop (by jonwild)

Such a cute stand.