Barber Shop | Isometric rendering [ Behance ]

Isometric illustration of the BrBa RV~ [ Behance ; Søciety6]

New blog post: awesome incoming mail from Ari Bird!

Guys~ I’ve made a speed painting video of this drawing:


it would really mean a lot if you could check it out and give me your feedback :3


Gem Stones II
Oil on Canvas
14” x 18”

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The progress so far~

New illustration in my shop :]

Sketchtravel trailer ENGLISH from on Vimeo.

Sketchtravel: is a unique international charity art project.
This red sketchbook was passed from one artist’s hand to another like an Olympic torch in an artistic relay through 12 countries over 4 and half years.

This traveling museum contains the personal visions of 71 exceptional illustrators, animators and comic book artists, including artists such as Bill Plympton, James Jean, Rebecca Dautremer, Glen Keane, Frederick Back, and Hayao Miyazaki. Initiated by illustrators Dice Tsutsumi (Japan) and Gerald Guerlais (France), the project will culminate in an auction of the original book in Brussels on October 17, 2011. Proceeds from the auction and royalties from the book’s publication will be donated to the international literacy non-profit, Room to Read.

Best project ever?!

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New illustration up in the shop ‘cause Ghost World is one of my fav movies ever!

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