Guys I have a question!

To those of you who love reading, what do you think about eReaders?

I’ve been thinking about getting a Kindle or something like that, because as much as I love books (also as objects themselves - the cover art, flicking through them, their smell (!)) they’ve gotten a bit too expensive for me being a broke, jobless student. So my question to you is: is it worth it to buy one of those? Is the whole reading experience as enjoyable as an actual book?

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  1. azn87 said: I’m an equal opportunity. I love real books, I read on my kindle, iPhone, iPad, etc. kindles aren’t too expensive and the e-ink is a good real book substitute.
  2. starveandnearexhaustme said: No, it isn’t as enjoyable as reading a book. I use my Kindle for travel, but would much rather read a flesh and blood book than flick a computer screen. So unsatisfying!
  3. suzelee said: I love reading on my iPad. As far as cost goes, it’s a great investment. No, it’s not quite the same as the feeling of a book in your hands, but as long as the material is good, does it really matter how it’s delivered? (-:
  4. marleyfly said: i read way to many books. I have had to sell a lot of my old ones to make space because my apartment is tiny. :C It always breaks my heart. BUT i bought a kindle now and it is wonderful. Ebooks are also cheaper and the kindle is so light too. <3
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    i have a samsung note which i used to use as an ereader. i downloaded a lot of books there, all of them for free, which...
  6. handfull-of-moments said: I would say no. I got a kindle completely under the impression that it would save me a fortune. But actually ebooks are usually the same price if not more than usual paperbacks. And I missed real books too much!
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