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► When did you start and when did you finish your WTJ?

      I started the first one on February 23rd 2011 and finished on December 16th 2011. The second one, on December 26th 2011.

► When did you start and when did you finish your TINAB?

    I started it on July 22nd 2011 but I’m still less then a half way through.

► When did you start and when did you finish your Finish This Book?

    I started it on October 23rd 2011.

► When did you start and when did you finish your MESS?

    I started it on November 21st 2011.

I often receive questions from people undecided on which Keri Smith book buy first. I’m honored to be asked for help and I have no problems answering questions privately, yet I tought to make a page about it so it will be easier and faster for everyone. So here we go.

Wreck This Journal: It is an illustrated journal that offers unusual prompts to creatively destroy every page in a different and stimulant way, to guide the user through it’s creative journey. Indeed, if you need to release your creativity but feel unconfortable and/or uninspired in front of blank pages then Wreck This Journal could be a great help to beat artist’s block, also providing a considerable dose of fun that leaves no time for boredom.

My vote is: 5/5 top marks

Finish This Book: It’s very hard to explain what this book is about without spoiling something, but anyway, it is very different from WTJ and This is Not a Book. The first and possibly most evident difference is that it must be completed in order since it has a sort of story as leitmotif. If you love mistery and challenging yourself then this is the perfect book for you. Moreover, the best part of it is that you don’t have to be incredibly good at anything creative, you just have to look around you and investigate deeper in what surrounds you.

My vote is: 4.5/5

This is Not a Book: This book also offers tasks and activities to perform but in a very different way from WTJ. It is, indeed, somewhat less artistic than WTJ, and also, many tasks require someone to collaborate with, to be in a public place and to write about personal stuff. It is highly suggested if you want to break the boundaries of art in the strict sense and explore other aspects of your imagination, and of course if you’re not afraid to go beyond your confort zone.

My vote is: 3/5

MESS - The manual of accidents and mistakes: If you already tried WTJ you won’t be disappointed by MESS. I like to think about it as an extention of Wreck This Journal itself. The tasks are very similar (some of them are actually the same, just a little bit revisited), your creativity is still the protagonist throughout the whole book. It is definitely worth buying and it will help you find the beauty even in the most accidental mess, changing your approch to art forever.

My vote is: 4/5

How To Be An Explorer Of The World: coming soon.

My vote is: /