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Reveal day has arrived for the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt 2014 I took part in at the beginning of the year. To see more photos of what I sent to Kamilla, go here. To see more photos of what I received from Imke, go here. And when you have some time, please check out their blogs! (Click their names below, you will be linked right to them.) They are a couple of beautiful, talented individuals. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to correspond with them. 

Visit Wreck This Girl’s blog and see all the amazing parcels that traveled around the world thanks to her. See all things Fab on Instagram.

Huge thanks to Kamilla Vinther, Imke Verhoef, and Fab for a wonderful experience.

Snail Mail FOREVER!!! <3

Autumn Echo

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Sending out my parcel for the secret penpal scavenger hunt today. I really hope my partner likes it – it was so fun to make!!



Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt reveal day.

I recently took part in a scavenger hunt project organized by Fabrizia (a.k.a. WreckThisGirl). The idea of the scavenger hunt was that everyone who taking part would receive a partner and a list of 10 scavenger hunt items. Out of that list you select at least 5 to send to your partner. You can read all the details here

I’ve received my package few days ago and have thoroughly enjoyed opening it. My partner was… Fabrizia (the same person who made this project:) and here are pictures of things she sent me.

Thank you Fabrizia. I like every little part of my package.

Oh Anna, my pleasure! It makes me incredibly happy that you liked what I picked for you! And even tho I’ve already said it, your photographs make my parcel look better than it actually was <3 Much love for you.

"Little Letter Girls" ~ a series of illustrations inspired by my love for snail mail ☺

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The signups for the new edition of the #secretpenpalscavengerhunt are now open! Check it out on the blog!

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